[Announce] Quick Characters for Dungeon World

[Announce] Quick Characters for Dungeon World

[Announce] Quick Characters for Dungeon World

I have written a small web application (https://grkuntzmd.github.io/DWQuickCharacters/)

to manage characters for Dungeon World.

It is adapted from Joe Banner’s “Quick Start Rules” in “By

Beard and Ear”. Changes from Joe’s rules are

* When creating a new characters, the app rolls best 3 out

of 4d6 for each stat.

* The stats can be re-arranged in what ever order the user


* I added a thief-like class (Stiletto (1d8 damage close),

detect traps, pick locks or pockets, or disable traps

(must defy danger with DEX to use)) on the request of

one of my weekly players.

* I changed the fighter class damage to 1d10 as in the full


* I added an “Other” alignment on Joe’s suggestion.

* I have been letting my players increase one stat by one

point each time they level up.

All data is stored in the browser’s local-storage, so if you

run it on different browsers or devices (e.g. iPad), you will

not see the same characters.

I have tested it on Chrome (Version 64.0.3282.119),

Firefox (Version 59.0b4), and iPad (iOS 11) in both

landscape and portrait orientation.

It is released under an Apache 2.0 license and the

source code is available at


Let me know how you like it and if you find it useful.