I would like to share the monster I made for Dungeon World, The Night Witch will be on every italian book of Dungeon World.

Claudia Cangini drew the image.

Here you can find the founding campaign for Italian edition of DW: http://it.ulule.com/dungeon-world/

The Night Witch 

Solitary, Magic, Stealthy, Planar, Intelligent

Star shards (d12+1 damage ignores armor)

Near, Far

16 HP – 4 Armor

Special Qualities: Night’s soul, Watch through the stars

The legend of this creature is known across all cultures. It tells the story of a tall and serious woman, her eyes black and dotted with lights, like a night sky. It is said that the Night Witch arrives at the outskirts of a village just after sunset, when stars are not yet appeared and everything is dark, because she takes her magic from night and darkness. She search for children to grow up and love, because she doesn’t have a child. It is also said, in exchange of a promise, she offers treasures, magical items and every possible wonder from this and other plans. Help the Night Witch and she’ll reward you. Betray her and the day will no longer exist for you; only the darkness of a night without stars. Instinct: Collect children.

– Create an illusion of herself

– Offer a rich reward in exchange for a promise

– Cancel the effects of any spell

– Show an illusion of a possible future

Last year I played “The Dreaming Crucible” as Black Fairy, I created this creature as nemesi of the young hero; I liked very much that game and the world we created with it, so I decided to celebrate it with this monster.

I can’t wait to play!