Thanks to Dungeon World Helper you can create different entities ready to be used in your favorite role-playing game.

300+ new table divided in category such as:

Location, Faction, Food, Magic, Monster, Npc, Object, Plot, Settlement, Vehicles and Wilderness

Just a click away!

You have the ability to generate the entity in a completely automatic way or you can have a more personalized creation going to choose point by point and deciding the one best suited to the situation.

Or combine both procedures!

Tap choice’s title to randomize only that choice

Ability to lock/unlock one of the choices holding the title, will remain blocked from emptying and from random generation but still can be chosen by hand

Export feature :



“Usage” page with a little explanation

And if you have any requests (or bug to submit) please don’t esitate to contact me




I’ve created an app for Android that helps you generate random entities to use in your favorite role-playing game.

Whit it you can create

– dungeon

– monster

– npc

– regions

– quest

completely random or by choosing any or all categories of the entities

I called it “dungeon world helper” (not sure if i can link directly here)

II’m thinking of expanding it slowly and if you have any requests please let me know