Last Call at the Dungeon World Tavern

For almost 5 years, from January 2014 through Spring of 2019, the Dungeon World Tavern was basically my home on the Internet. I love this game, and this community was, for me, always the best part of Google+. The people of the Tavern were creative, and helpful, and positive, and for the most part, polite and kind. I asked Sage and Adam once how much moderation they did, and they said something like “not much at all… I think we’re just kind of lucky.”

By the time you’re reading this, Google+ will probably be gone. The people of the Dungeon World Tavern will have scattered to different digital shores. But here is its archive, along with archives of the communities I most closely associated it with: Jason Lute’s Lamblack & Brimstone, Cameron Burn’s Worlds of Adventure, and my own collection of Stonetop posts.

I created this archive using Friends+Me‘s Google+ Exporter, imported into WordPress. I did my best to preserve attribution to the original authors, both in posts and in comments. I did a cleanup of my own posts, but I’m sure that stuff–particularly links to documents, blog posts, and other G+ posts–has been lost. Overall, I’m remarkably pleased with how it’s turned out. Thanks for everyone who helped me figure this stuff out, or who just gave me encouragement to do it.

Thanks, too, to everyone who made the Dungeon World Tavern the special place on the internet that it was. And thanks to Adam “skinnyghost” Koebel and Sage LaTorra for giving us something fun to play with and talk about. (I still #blamesage.)

If you still want to talk about Dungeon World, these are the places I know of:

You can find me talking about Dungeon World, Stonetop, and related topics at, and the Syllabus (maintained by Yochai Gal) will hopefully remain a trove of wisdom.

So ask yourself:

  • Did we learn something new and important about the world?
  • Did we overcome a notable monster or enemy?
  • Did we loot memorable treasure?

I sure think we did. Everyone, mark XP.