Hello all!

Hello all!

Hello all!

I only just got into DW in the last few months and recently discovered this community page. I’m just learning the game and have been trying to grab what resources I can which have been shared here before G+ closes. I see that some of the conversation has been moving to the Burning Wheel forum and a Discord server.

I’m wondering if anyone has a list of DW blogs or websites in addition to the work published on The Gauntlet and SpoutingLore.blogspot?

Also, are there any key resources in the Tavern that I should know about and grab before this page closes (in case I missed any)?

Much appreciated!

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  1. Oh Dude! I forgot about the podcasts! Other great ones are: Swordbreaker, Plundergrounds, and Play to Find Out. They’re great gateways not only to their stuff, but lots of other folks. The Dungeon World area on Discord is also a great place to hangout. I also like the /r/dungeonworld subreddit on reddit.com too. There’s lots of crossover between all these different places.

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