I’m writing up the Session 1 procedures for Freebooters and I want to have a step where everyone talks about what big-picture fantasy elements they’d like to see in the campaign. Ideally—because it is my wont—I will also have a table people can roll on to get ideas, which needs to be populated with some evocative entries.

Let’s call the table CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS and use these as examples:

> A golden age of chivalry is in full swing

> The aristocracy is comprised at least partly of vampires

> A demigod rules one of the more populous cities

> Geysers or fountains of arcane origin erupt occasionally in unexpected places

So, things that could impact the overall setting in some way, be it cultural, supernatural, magical, or something else.

If you have any ideas along these lines, post them here! 12-15 words maximum per entry.

127 thoughts on “SUGGESTIONS NEEDED”

  1. A comet has appeared in the sky. The soothsayers say it heralds the return of the Orc-King; already the clans gather in the south.

  2. A great Deluge has appeared in the sky, pouring forth water and monsters. Within a generation, the seas will rise to cover the highest peaks.

  3. The last king is dead without an heir. His five bastard brothers gather as much support from lesser lords as they can, though the Church has forbade outright war.

  4. The empress of the land is also the greatest sorceress in memory. Now she plans to ascend to godhood–and Heaven is voicing their displeasure.

  5. When you write someone’s name on a scrap of papyrus and leave it in the shrine of Anubis, the god of the dead will send assassins to judge them. But if you name an innocent person, they come for you instead.

  6. The Shadow Thief has announced that he will steal the princess’ legendary diamond pendant–and the heart of the princess too.

  7. Angels walk among people in search of a legendary hero, but they all want the child for their own ends, not all of which are completely altruistic.

  8. Beneath the pyramid lies the body of a titan, the lower floors are passages into its skull; you can walk right inside of it.

  9. The new fashion trend is to wear a cage containing a specific small, colorful bird. Wealthy courtiers will pay a fortune for just one of them.

  10. Everyone knows about the highly-regulated network of portals connecting the major cities of the world. But only a few know about the one that is portable.

  11. Engineers have invented a device that allows people to breathe underwater. A new resource rush is beginning on the bottom of the sea.

  12. This morning you woke up in Pasadena, but after walking into that walk-in cooler, you seem to have arrived in a land covered in snow, with 2 suns and many fantastical creatures.

  13. The First Folk left the world in ages past — passing behind the west, between the stones, or into the moon. Now they‘re coming back.

    Edit: oops max 15 words.

    The First Folk left the world long ago, passing behind the West. Now they’re back.

  14. The seasons are at war. The knights of the Autumn Queen have been broken, and the fire-and-gold legion of the Prince of Summer processes her domains.

    Edit: waaah max 15 words.

    The seasons have quartered the world and gone to war. Spring was first to fall.

  15. The night is waking. The days shorten, a minute at a time, and the Court of Midnight — with its chained nightmares and dark miracles — enters the world for the first time.

    Edit: down to 15 words

    The night has woken. The days shorten, minute by minute. The Court of Midnight stirs.

  16. Condottieres roam free in search of a suitabe country to wage war in his name.

    Singing cristals grow at the base of waterfall and their song inhabits rivers and lakes.

    The rise of merchant cities.

  17. Flying cities float ominously across the land, occasionally launching raids.

    Dungeons are transdimensional spaces, you can only see the entrance in your peripheral vision.

    Since the Nereid Uprising, freshwater has become more precious than gold.

  18. The Fae are replacing people and creatures with changelings. Eventually, they’ll replace the land itself.

    The Serpent Sorcerer Kings of old aren’t dead. They only slumber in their tombs.

    Everyone in the land lost their memories overnight. This isn’t a new land; it’s home.

    The Elvish Dominion doesn’t want you to kill monsters. It wants them for a zoo.

    This land was bucolic, but an alien land recently phase shifted into the same space.

  19. Since the fey left, the ley lines upon which the world is built are shifting.

    Magic is disappearing and sorcerer-kings blame it on the mundane folk.

    Mysterious underwater ruins become accessible during the Great Tide, happening once per century.

  20. The Lighthouses on our shores keep sea monsters away. Their eternal fires are dying.

    Mortals created the Gods to guide and protect them. Some Gods now refuse to serve.

    The only shelters from extreme weather events are bone circles found at seemingly random locations.

  21. Settlers were looking for a promised land. Instead, they literally landed in hell.

    The empire is doing great! Saying otherwise could get you locked up.

    The year is 724. It has been 724 for almost a century now.

  22. All the races have finally united against the common foe. But learning to put aside past wrongs will not come easy to some.

    Edit: brevity:

    The races have finally united, but forgiveness does not come easy to all.

  23. Thanks for this, Jason Lutes. These are perfect prompts for my FoF2e game of Stargate: Fantasy. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished product with these.

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