4 thoughts on “So I’m not sure if this has been broached but what is this community migrating anywhere when G+ goes away”

  1. I’ve started posting at Reddit’s Dungeon World subreddit (I hope I have the right terminology there). The Reddit community is more active than the Dungeon World Tavern at the moment. I’ve found the commentary there the last few days to be generally quite good. I got quite strong reactions when I posted about eliminating XP from Dungeon World, but only one of them was genuinely hostile/jerky.

  2. Reddit gets a bad rap for some reason, but I’ve found the Dungeon World and OSR communities to be quite good.

    I’ve dipped my toe into MeWe recently and am liking the format. It’s very similar to G+ in a lot of ways, but includes a much better chat system. There’s not a lot of people over ther at the moment, but it feels like the best replacement for G+ I’ve seen so far.

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