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  1. I have found that history is one of the best places to look for inspiration. All nationalities have had gangs and other organizations in their past and still have them in the present. Here is one link to get you going on the list of historic gangs. After that, just break down what gangs and organizations you know about and then assign a few key npcs that have or might have associations with those organizations and set things in motion.

    listverse.com – 10 Badass Gangs From History – Listverse

  2. Thank you for the answers. These are not exactly what I want. I think about a simple system, for example:

    When you create your organisation, write its name, and choose three positive tags and one negative from the list: rich (+1 to your wealth), poor (-1 to your wealth), alchemist master (you get the Poisoner move), enemy (your organisation has a powerful enemy), etc.

  3. The Green Law of Varkith from Magpie Games is a supplement that’s all about building up guilds and whatnot in an urban setting, with moves & stats to back it up. I recall not being particularly impressed by the mechanics, but that was from a quick read a couple years back. Probably worth looking at.

    You might also want to check out Class Warfare by Johnstone Metzger. It’s got a number of compendium classes built around PC’s owning/operating/building up institutions (landed gentry, merchant, etc.).

    Finally, this compendium class is based at least partially on belonging to a sacred order. You could apply similar ideas for a pretty lightweight implementation of any institution.

    docs.google.com – Initiate of the Sacred Order

  4. Could you just use the Steading rules pretty much verbatim for organisations? Different groups of people inside a larger settlement could be modelled as multiple steadings, they just happen to be mixed in together…

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