Casting Spell with Mana.

Casting Spell with Mana.

Casting Spell with Mana. I’ve tried to do this before, and there are a ton of moves created by others, but i keep trying to create something more simplistic and great for a pick up game of World of Dungeons. This is my next attempt at a stream lined Cast Spell move using mana. Thoughts?

Mana Reserve

You hold Mana equal to your INT. When you fully rest, restore your hold of Mana.

Cast Spell

When you use your mana to conjure up a spell, roll+Mana.

10+ Cast the spell successfully

7-9 You cast the spell, and reduce your Mana by 1.

8 thoughts on “Casting Spell with Mana.”

  1. This is for WoD, yeah?

    In that case, I’d probably go with:

    Mana Reserve When you are fully rested, hold Mana equal to INT. Spend 1 Mana to quickly conjure up a spell (always risky!).

    Thought process: WoD uses much, much tighter language than even DW moves and the special abilities never specify what happens on a 10+ or a 7-9. The game leans heavily into the single attempt something risky “move.”

    WoD characters are also resource-scarce and squishy, so limiting the number of times you can conjure up a spell (on the fly) fits with the rest of the game.

    I’d pair this with something like the rules for “MAGIC” in WoD, where a spellcaster/sorcerer gets two or three “realms” they can conjure spells in, and conjuring up a spell either requires time (like an hour or so), expending a dangerous/limited resource (like quicksilver doses) or a special ability (like Mana Reserve).

    Your mileage, of course, may vary.

  2. Ben M i was thinking that at zero mana, you couldn’t cast again. Should have clarified.

    Jeremy Strandberg great point. That fits much better with WoD. My version was, even still, too lengthy. Thankyou!


    I love how adding ‘(Always risky)’ at the end automaticlly defines all the needed roll information. Elegant

  3. I’ve done a thing where you have a pool of mana, spend Mana and roll +spent. 7-9 meant the magic went arwry somehow. We also allowed people to spend 0 Mana (and therefore roll+0). It worked just fine.

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