Homebrew World v1.3

Homebrew World v1.3

Homebrew World v1.3

> Updated with my rewrite of Defend

> Some tweaks to the Barbarian

>> Replaced “What Are You Waiting For” with “Formidable”

>> Went back to “The Upper Hand” instead of “Hello, Old Friend”

>> Dropped “Armored”

> Two versions of Fighter

>> One with Signature Weapon (& Situation Awareness instead of BB/LG)

>> One with Weapons Specializations (& BB/LG)

> Minor fixes & adjustments throughout

Not familiar with Homebrew World? https://spoutinglore.blogspot.com/2018/07/homebrew-world.html


26 thoughts on “Homebrew World v1.3”

  1. Blake Hutchins that’s great to hear! Anything you’d like to share about what you especially liked or what could be better?

    (Will fix Annointed >> Anointed when I get home.)

  2. Well, I’m partial to not baking non-human races in, for starters. And I vastly prefer Drives to Alignment. You’re doing Supplies a bit like Blades in the Dark, so I approve of that too.

    The Backgrounds are brilliant and do a lot to give the character builds really different flavors and capabilities.

    I like the new Parley rule better–used it this last weekend, worked great. Also using the alt-H&S and Defend rules.

    I’m not as much of a fan of the magical signature weapon for the fighter, but prefer the one with weapons specializations. It’s cool both are available, though.

    I think you could tighten the layout on the stats page, make the stat names a little smaller, give more room to the equipment section.

    Love how you folded a bunch of different magic user types into the Wizard. Ditto for Ranger in its way. Don’t know if the Paladin’s oaths should also grant something positive? Haven’t played that playbook yet.

    I haven’t copyread it for other typos. The Anointed one just jumped out at me.

    Overall, this is quite brilliant. My favorite implementation of DW.

  3. I may have missed it, but how does the Cleric regain Favor of their god? I’m sure i could think of a fictional way to do this, but mechanically I don’t see it.

  4. Just updated with 1.3.1. Minor changes:

    > Renamed the signature-weapon Fighter to “The Wielder” and moved to the end… otherwise it’s the same (with lots of overlap with the Fighter). Consider it on the chopping block.

    > Fixed that “annointed” >> “anointed” typo

    > Replaced the “(+1 dam)” tags in the gear with an asterisk, and added the asterisk to the Damage box where appropriate. Not sure this is better for usability, but it might be… and it’s definitely better for space

    > Fiddled with the Fighter’s gear options a bit, to give them more meaningful choices vis-a-vis their Weapon Specializations.

    I think that’s it.

  5. Blake Hutchins wow, thanks for the thoughtful feedback!

    Regarding this: I think you could tighten the layout on the stats page, make the stat names a little smaller, give more room to the equipment section.

    Have you found the Gear section hard to use in actual play? Too cramped?

  6. I’ve been playing a bit, and I love Supplies, backgrounds/introductions, and the gear/encumbrance systems. The only awkward part about the gear section in clearing a line that is already filled, like when they choose a different item. It requires a bit of white out, I guess.

  7. Jeremy Strandberg, it’s not horrible, but feels a little cramped. More confusing is the page ordering, as the playbooks are clearly meant to be printed double-sided with a particular order. But most of the time, we’ve been using single-sided pages (I know, waste of paper). In the earlier versions I’ve been working with, not having all the basic non-playbook moves on one page proved disorienting for players. They preferred all the common moves on one page. That way the two-page playbook can have a half-page for notes.

  8. A minor, minor thing. I love those dice in the sheets… But the d6! There’s something wrong with it, probably the black face on the top and the numbers in strange directions…

  9. Andrea Parducci I know, right? I really like all the other ones, but the d6 is just… not right.

    If anyone’s got (or is willing to draw) a set of d4, d6, d8, and d10 images that look better, hit me up!

  10. Just did a little tweaking in the Gear section… mostly, I just made the gear choices a smaller font so that there’d be more “what space.” In retrospect, I’m not really sure why I made the text for the main items so big.

    While I was at it:

    > The Cleric got a little beefing up

    >> start the game with Favor now by default

    >> made Extra Spells easier for them to get, and grant an extra prepped spell right away

    > The Druid’s Trickster/Culture Hero background move no longer has the ‘once per story” limit

    > The Paladin’s Divine Grace changed

    >> Previously: prayed before battle and got hold, spent to “boost” Defy Danger

    >> Now: roll CHA to Defend, and adds choices to spend Readiness on

    > The Wizard’s Cast a Spell 7-9 result, where reality twists and they get a penalty to cast a spell… well, they have to say how reality twists now!

  11. I got so surprised when a player joining my campaign said he wants to play the Wielder. 😀 Did he read Class Warfare instead of Homebrew World?

    Really nice update, Jeremy Strandberg. It’s cool you’re not doing big breaking changes (like major Warrior rehaul without leaving the old version). I can’t wait to see Weilder AND Warrior in one of my games.

    BTW I love the layout.

  12. This is lovely. Hope you will expand it to a full release some day, Jeremy Strandberg.

    In the 1.3.1. version it looks to me that the fighter has the ”brig” part of their ”brigandine” rather than the “clumsy” tag in strikethrough.

  13. I’ve just noticed “by Jeremy Strandberg” on Follower Moves from Perilous Wilds I’m using alongside Homebrew World in my campaign. I’m shocked. I’ve stopped playing Dungeon World and I’m playing Jeremy’s World now and I didn’t even notice 😀

  14. I am interested in expanding the advancements, and slightly simplifying the encumbrance system. Please let me know what you think! I really think this system is great and even more fun than dungeon world… I would love to take a crack at reworking the class character sheets…

  15. Hey Seth Halbeisen… I’m really glad you like it. You are of course welcome to take this and make your own thing with it. It’s licensed CC Attribution Share-Alike, so as long as you release your own work under the same license, you’re free to do what you’d like with it.

    I’m interested in what you’re thinking about with simplifying the inventory/encumbrance system, and happy to serve as a sounding board, but I don’t have a lot of time or energy to devote to this right now… I’m really trying to devote the bulk of my creative time to Stonetop.

    Feel free to hit me up on Hangouts or via spoutinglore.blogspot.com if G+ stops working on us.

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