I need a compendium class with some archaeology treasure hunter moves.

I need a compendium class with some archaeology treasure hunter moves.

I need a compendium class with some archaeology treasure hunter moves. The thief in my game really wanted something more like that. I can write some new moves based on int and scholarship (he put his 16) in int without me catching it but if there something out there that folks know of I would rather adapt than create wholesale. I want to be a fan of the characters. My googling has come up short.

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  1. Thanks that has some good stuff for sure. I managed to find the acrcheologist that Robert Mentioned. It had a move that I think swapping out for trap sense will make the player happy.

    When you take a moment to survey an area, you may ask the GM “Is there an ambush or trap here?” If the answer is “yes”, roll+INT. *On a 10+, ask the GM three questions from the list below. *On a 7-9, ask one.

    • What will trigger the trap or ambush?

    • What will happen once it’s triggered?

    • How could it be disarmed or thwarted?

    • What else should I be on the lookout for?

    Anyone see a problem with that? I would still leave tricks of the trade, but may swap put poisons with


    When you declare that you know someone who can help you solve a task, describe that person and roll+CHA. *On a hit, you can get help from your contact. *On a 7-9, there’s a catch, choose one and explain why this is:

    • You owe them a debt, or their help will cost you

    • Reaching them will be inconvenient or dangerous

    • They’re not exactly trustworthy or reliable

    • They hold some enmity towards you

    I think may do the trick. I would take other options and move them to the advanced moves.

    I like Jeremy Strandberg a lot and would consider as a compendium class for sure for the “Free College of the Golden Lamprey”.

    Thanks all

  2. Or I might just switch trap expert with +int instead of +dex, traps seem to use int or wis instead of dex. I think tricks of the trade should still use dex. I will probably ask if he wants to switch poison outs for the one that i mentioned or this one

    When you closely examine an artifact or a piece of lost technology for the first time, roll+INT. *On a 10+, ask the GM three of the following questions. *On 7-9, ask two. *On a 6-, ask two anyway, but the GM will give you a false answer for one of them.

    • Who created this object and how old is it?

    • What is the purpose of this object, or what does it do? • Who would find this object valuable?

    • How is this object dangerous to me?

    • How is this object activated?

    • What has been done to or with it recently?

    • What’s wrong with it and how could it be fixed?

  3. I actually use that Danger Sense move in lieu of Trap Expert in all my games. If just swap it out; it’s got an inherent cost of splitting the Theif’s stats into DEX and INT instead of just DEX, and I find that it just works better in play.

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