So this comes from one of the keeper titles that I came up with

So this comes from one of the keeper titles that I came up with

So this comes from one of the keeper titles that I came up with

Last Lantern before the Black Gate.

This small lantern is made of a black matte metal. It is about the size of an apple. Usually found carried on a chain to be worn as a large amulet or from a belt. It is a tiny hooded lantern. Decorated on it is spiraling words almost too small to make out “A light to find your way from the black gate”. These words are written in all the languages of all the beings that have writing. (Spending a lot of time you might be able to find it in your language)

When lit is doesn’t give any light. When held aloft and the word spoken it is lit for a brief moment with a blazing white light. The flame then implodes into the lantern and seems to suck away all light around the lantern. this light shine instead lights the path to the black gate. Any creature who holds it is instantly taken to the black gate and last breath.

I can’t figure out if the bearer should be able to reroll a last breath roll or get +1.

I am thinking reroll. I see this being used when a character is almost dead. So they decide to meet death on their terms. They fictional trigger means you have to

Know the words

Know how to use it

Be able to speak

And be strong enough to hold it alof, but for just the briefest of time.

Help me make this better or give me your opinion on it?

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  1. A re-roll or a +1 on Last Breath both seem a bit unexciting compared to the setup.

    I reckon it would be better if the lantern literally did what the words say, and allow you to return from the Black Gate without needing any help from Death.

    There’s potential for all sorts of interesting experiences the character’s soul could encounter during that journey, but that would run the danger of the “Thief going off and having a solo adventure” problem. You could use something inspired by Jeremy Strandberg’s “Scout Ahead” move, which turns that whole experience into a single retroactive roll. Something like:

    The lantern light allows you to find your way back from the Black Gate to the world of the living under your own power, instead of having to deal with Death. Describe how your soul overcame the trials of the journey, and roll +STAT. On a 10+, choose 2, on a 7-9, choose 1.

    * You left the Black Gate before Death noticed that you were there.

    * You had a chance to speak with someone who has passed beyond the Black Gate, to say your farewells properly and perhaps learn something that they want you to know, the GM will tell you what.

    * It only takes you a few minutes to return to you body.

    On a 6-, mark XP and choose one

    * Something followed you back to the world of the living.

    * You lost the lantern during the journey, and it does not return with you.

  2. Well a reroll on last breath is pretty powerful. Maybe it should give you a discern realities with your death move and let you take the Barbarian move about last breath. I don’t want to make it automatic otherwise there is little risk. The risk reward choice on this is that you are near death, maybe you squeak out or suicide with it to improve your chance with the black gate.

  3. What do you mean there’s no risk?! They’ve slipped between death’s fingers and the reaper always balances his debts. They’ve lit a path back from the underworld, who know’s what could follow them. Perhaps the light tears a hole in the dark veil between life and death at that tear might grow.

    Magic items with a fictional (rather than mechanical) boon are brilliant, especially when they lead to fictional problems. If anything, I’d say rerolling Last Breath is too safe, it gives them good odds (30% or so) that nothing happens, that they roll a 10+ and come back scott free. And that’s not interesting, that doesn’t fill their lives with adventure.

    But knowing you have a get out of jail free card, with terms and conditions is way more exciting! The player will throw themselves into an unwinnable situation because they know that they wont die and that’s cool as fuck!

    But they know that there will be a price to pay! The price won’t be their life (not immediately at least) but no matter what will be interesting!

    Also if the lantern lets you return from death, its an opportunity to show what the land of the dead looks like! How could you possibly turn that down?

  4. Instead, give it the ability to upgrade the possessor’s roll one tier, from 6- to 7-9, or from 7-9 to 10+

    However, make it a one use item. The lantern doesn’t cross over with you when you return to the land of the living.

  5. Robert Rendell you are totally right – thanks for the upgrade, it makes it a much better item. Elliott Ambrosetti thanks for the additional perspective, it gave me the opportunity to go back and look at what Robert wrote and made it a better item. Too bad others haven’t followed up on making Keeper items.

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