8 thoughts on “Protest the Google+ Shutdown….”

  1. I dunno, man. I’m sad as well, but as a product manager myself it’s hard to imagine what a petition could do in this case. Unlike a TV show where you could argue the network hasn’t measured demand accurately, Google knows exactly how much usage G+ gets, what it costs them, and whether that’s worth it to them. Far more useful would be a drive to get G+ die hards to bring in new users, so there is a spike in usage. Even then if Google doesn’t have a strategy for how G+ being popular works for them overall, even at 10x the usage they should kill it.

  2. Michael Prescott I have a voice, they may ignore it, but I’m going to use it. If nothing else it may encourage someone to present our community with better options that are currently being offered. What is really the harm?

  3. And this is what I don’t like about a lot of the sites like this petition site, I go to sign the petition I have no problem putting MY name and email address on it, but now they want me to share it or donate $3. I don’t have $3 to donate. I am not sharing my contacts in G+. I don’t do Facebook. I guess I don’t sign the petition.

  4. Dwayne Summerfield Free will! So don’t donate, don’t share your e-mail, don’t sign the petition. After all Google+ has “shared” your data anyway!

  5. Google Reader was much more used that + and nothing saved it. The best argument to save + is that the impermanence of Google services causes an adoption barrier for any new services they offer. Ever since Wave I’ve been leery start using new google offerings, it’s part of why I was slow to adopt + and why in all likelihood I won’t use whatever silly product google rolls out next to try and take marketshare from someone more innovative.

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