Sad to see it end

Sad to see it end

Sad to see it end

With over 11,000 members this is one of the most engaged and active communities that I have been a part of on the web. For the most part it has been positive and has created a lot of really cool stuff.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts over the past few years as I muddled my way through learning about Dungeon World (and PbtA games in general) and thanks for the awesome treasure trove of stuff that you have all freely shared and contributed to. It’s been amazing.

With Google+ officially set to shut down, I hope this group can find some place “nice” to migrate to that maintains a similar nature camaraderie and sharing.

I am @greatbigtable on Twitter in the interim. If I don’t see you there, hopefully I’ll bump into some or all of you out in the ether.

24 thoughts on “Sad to see it end”

  1. Ten months is still a long time. It would be nice if this place could be constituted somewhere else. Between now and then, I need to figure out how to dump all my posts to my collections as I really like that stuff.

  2. I like that I could drop in and catch up on Dungeon World and it would keep track if I turned on notifications. And then stuff just stuck around. Even when they removed easy search from the mobile app, you could still find stuff through the web and it was just a quick jump from my Gmail account, which was open anyway. Way better interface.

  3. Jim Jones There is a feature in Google to download everything you posted in communities. But sadly it doesn’t do anyone else’s posts. The added problems of dynamic content generation (shortening of comments, extending when you scroll down etc) makes webscrapping particular challenging.

  4. Further on this, there may be some community management options to save posts (just going through the Google Help) – but they can only be used by the owners of this community. Sage LaTorra – would you care to comment?

  5. Having been on MeWe and lurked there, it seems that the primary benefit of it is that the trolls can piss on everyone with impunity because “moderation is for pussies”.

    I’m trying pluspora on a Diaspora node, which seems like it’d be a good fit for the DW community.

  6. There is a discord channel as well. Personally I dislike using reddit since they have so many racist and misogynist message boards. I just dont like to give them anymore clicks.

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