This thread got me thinking about the wizard and spells.

This thread got me thinking about the wizard and spells.

This thread got me thinking about the wizard and spells.

I know the general consensus is to ditch the wizard playbook, but I dig vancian magic and spells. It is easier for me and my players. Plus it feels like the old days.

The approach to using ritual is well explored in that thread. A different approach would be to create new move that could be taken when you level up to research magic spells. Googling revealed their is not a lot of work in this area.

What would such a move look like? I have this one for starters, not play tested though no one in my group is playing a wizard right now.

When you have enough time and access to a library you can craft a new spell. Describe he spell effect and what you want to have happen. The GM will:

Tell you what the actual spell can do

Tell you what level it is

Offer you a different version at a lower level or cantrip level


On a 10+ you are successful, cross off one use of your library and add the spell to your spell book

On a 7-9 you are successful cross off one use of your library and choose one:

– the process warps your mind, take -1 to INT rolls until you roll doubles while using magic in the future

– you attract unwanted attention on the planes of magic

– the process was more difficult than you expected, cross off 3 uses of library instead of 1. If you don’t have 3 uses then pick something else

– you are marked in someway, the magic is slowly changing you. You radiate magic continuously. If you take this consequence more than once the effect becomes more pronounced. Eventually you will be a being of whatever spells are made off. You can be dispelled.

– the spell will work but has some additional unattended consequence, the GM will tell you

– the research mostly worked, you are missing one ingredient, the GM will name it and tell you how to get it. It is up to you to determine if you want to. It may not be easy to get, but won’t be impossible.

On a 6- it is not successful cross off one use of your library and the GM will pick one

– an unspoken move appropriate to the game

– you cannot research a spell again until you find ________ to unlock the secrets of the Word.

– somehow you tapped into an interference with your link to understanding magic, something unexpected will happen when you use magic until you are able to do ______.

– your research tapped into a feedback loop on the planes of magic, you blaze with magic out on to the place were spells come from like an irrating feedback, surely some beast or planar being is disturbed by this and will seek you out to end it.

– the spell is not contained into spell book form, it comes alive in your library with a motive to destroy spells and libraries. It is only affected by magic or a quest to remove it.

Magical research library – bulky

Basic – 300 coin, + 0 library, 3 uses

Advanced – 600 coin + 1 library, 4 uses

World Class – 2000 coin + 2 library, 6uses

Incredibly Awesome – must find it in the ancient ruins of _______ + 3 library, 6 uses

What would you do instead of this?

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  1. Anyone have other ideas on how to add more spells to the game. This seems to be an area with out a lot of existing material. Most have focused on whole new playbooks to replace wizard.

  2. I have GM wizards and played them in DW. The last dnd I played was 3E. I don’t think it would be hard, but it wouldn’t be one for one. This lets wizards do that, but some might be different level because of lack of saving throws and some other tweaks in DW. Example I might make spider climb level one, but I also might make mountain goat climb a cantrip. The first would let you climb even smooth walls but require all your hands and feet. Goat climb would simply give you +1 forward on climbing, and one hold for climbing anything that a mountain goat could climb. If you fail a climb roll then treat it as a 7-9. The caster takes the risk when they cast the spell. Same with feather fall, a cantrip that gives you one hold to safely fall from a distance. Other utility spells or other spells might be higher level. It yeah I would consider converting. It would want the wizard to research them.

    One of the things I like for DW is how sparse the spell list starts out. I want a way to expand as the player grows. Kinda of like leaving blanks. Plus some of the 7-9 and 6- are pretty interesting at least to me to expand the threat for the wizard while giving them an out in case the game doesn’t need at that at the time.

  3. Jeff Strong I’ve done it for magical items only so far and it’s a piece of cake. I’ve created a couple of spells too (all of them area of effect spells, that’s massively lacking in DW) and that wasn’t too difficult either. My wizard hasn’t used them yet, but I’ll release them on here soon as well, hopefully.

    steven stewart the Demiurge compendium class I mentioned in that other thread is below. All of your solutions seem unnecessarily long and complicated to me compared to this (and other things in DW, to be honest), but let me know how it plays out.

  4. Well it didn’t seem that complicated to me either, no more than a ritual is. And a ritual is a one time thing. But I can see how people don’t want something as long. I like the play to find out, and wanted ability to do magic research into spells. The demiurge seems cool, but it is still powered by ritual vs vancian spells.

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