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Wand of Wonder (Minor Artifact)

(0 Weight, 12 Uses per owner)

A small ebony wand engraved with a star of chaos in silver.

The wand of wonder is a strange and unpredictable device that will generate any number of strange effects,each time it is used. Some typical effects are shown on the table below, but you may alter this table for any or all of these wands in your campaign as you see fit

When you use a Wand of Wonder roll +Charisma,

On a 10+ the player may select the effect from the table below

On a 7-9 roll randomly for the wand’s effect

On a 6 or less a charge is expended but nothing happens


Roll Effect

01-10 Every magical or enchanted item present glows blue for a full hour

11-18 Sleep as wand

19-25 An illusion of a frog appears and sings “It’s not easy being green” on a tiny banjo before disappearing

26-30 Party surrounded by soap bubbles at 30-foot range

31-33 Storm clouds and heavy rain falls for one round in 60-foot radius of wand wielder

34-36 Loud booming laughter is heard

37-46 Lightning bolt (70′ x 5′) as wand

47-49 Stream of 300 large butterflies pour forth and flutter around

50-53 Magic Missile as wand

54-58 Darkness in a 30-foot diameter hemisphere at 30 feet center distance from wand

59-62 Grass grows in area of 160 square feet before the wand, or grass existing there grows to 10 times normal size

63-65 Vanish any nonliving object of up to 1,000 pounds mass and up to 30 cubic feet in size (object is ethereal for 24 hours)

66-69 A small rabbit appears and attempts to hop away

70-79 Fireball as wand

80-84 Invisibility covers wand wielder

85-87 Target transformed (no save) into a Giant Amoeba (See below). Attacks everything nearby.

88-90 10-40 gems of 1 gp base value shoot forth in a 30-foot-long stream, each causing one point of damage to any creature in path — roll 5d4 for number of hits

91-97 Illusions of playful sprites dance and play over a 40-by 30-foot area in front of wand for the next hour

98-00 Flesh to stone (or reverse if target is stone) if target is within 60 feet

GIANT AMOEBA Solitary, Large, Amorphous

Acidic Grab (d10 damage) 12 HP, 0 armor

A giant amoeba is a shapeless mass of living, liquid protoplasm. Though naturally translucent with darker interior spots, its surface is slightly sticky and tends to collect dirt and other debris from its environment; therefore, a moving giant amoeba looks like muddy water. A weaker cousin of creatures such as the gray ooze and black pudding the giant amoeba is the result of an alchemist’s experiment gone horribly wrong.

Instinct: Dissolve flesh

• Slithers

• Mindless

• Relentless

The wand uses one charge per function. It may not be recharged. Where applicable, saving throws should be made. After a user has exhausted its charges the wand will vanish only to reappear somewhere else.

2 thoughts on “Title”

  1. I like the added move. Another fun tweak idea; instead of “On a 6 or less a charge is expended but nothing happens”. How about, “On a 6 or less a charge is expended and the GM chooses a particularly unfortunate effect from the list”.

    I added the part about it being “particularly unfortunate” to take a little of the responsibility off the GM’s shoulders for how nasty the effect could be.

  2. I like this better, makes it interesting. Only thing I would add is after it is picked by player for 10+ to cross it off as a choice. The wand of wonder is wonderous but unpredictable.

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