Hello, I’ve been out of gaming for several years.

Hello, I’ve been out of gaming for several years.

Hello, I’ve been out of gaming for several years. I’ve come back a couple of months ago and fell in love with DW for doing what I wanted out of traditional RPGs. Now, I discover this and I think (still trying to figure it out) that WoA does even more of what I’m looking for than DW. So, thanks!

Are there people building supplements out of this material? How do DW supplements work with WoA? Perilous Wilds among other things? Is there a plan to create supplements with this material or does licensing prevent it?

Thanks again!

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  1. Hey Alejandro Duarte! I’m glad that you’ve found WoA to be helpful, even in some respect.

    I don’t know of any official supplements that use Worlds of Adventure as a base. What with the nature of the beast, though, I’ve seen some interesting hacks and alterations come about from peoples’ play experiences, like a spell-slinging version of the Druid, and a few homebrew classes. If anyone did want to produce something based on WoA v0.2, they should feel free; it’s a CC-BY-SA license, though I’ve been meaning to change it to a CC-BY.

    In regards to bringing existing Dungeon World material into WoA, most of them should translate over neatly. v0.2 is, for the most part, a “best of” in DW’s mechanics, rather than a something altogether new. Perilous Wilds, for example, should work just fine – it already uses the same Follower rules!

    As for the Alternate Classes, they should make the transition like most other third-party classes: They’ll just need a little bit of help. Alter their hit points and damage dice as appropriate, and tweak anything else (Drives, Backgrounds, even Moves if you’re feeling ambitious) if needed!

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