I’m a relatively new Dungeon World DM.

I’m a relatively new Dungeon World DM.

I’m a relatively new Dungeon World DM. It’s time to bring compendium classes into my campaign. What is the best way to introduce them? Do you let the players help define compendium classes? Do you make them aware of the triggers so their characters can work toward them?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I think DW supports player-facing rules very well. It’s the way it’s been designed anyway… So yeah, let the players know what’s available, and be open to suggestions if you’re willing to design your own CCs.

  2. I agree with Eric Nieudan about this. There are many great ways to do it but I think the best are related to the story and characters you have going.

    One approach is to see what your players want out of the game and even let them make design suggestions.


    Lisa (ranger’s player), you have used your skill several times to thwart monsters without killing them. We should talk before next session about an Animal Trainer class.

    Another is to deliberately design a CC that will pose a problem for a PC and use it to create drama.


    Beldwinn (paladin PC) you have been cursed by an enemy of Sareeth (the paladin’s goddess of strength and righteousness). You now have the Hungering Hands. You can use them to eat through the walls of your cell but only if you strike an honest person with them first (an insult to Sareeth). You think Modree (a timid hireling) would probably count. What do you do?

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