Hello, I have a blog now.

Hello, I have a blog now.

Hello, I have a blog now.

Current stage is to post links & descriptions of all my creations & projects, with Stonetop being the biggest of them all.

If you’ve been following Stonetop for a while, probably not much new there. Though there are a few links to the most current versions of a few key documents.


Stonetop is my “hearth fantasy” hack of Dungeon World, and my biggest ongoing project. From the introduction chapter: You are one of these, who call Stonetop home. One of a handful of notable figures who stand out-admired, respected (maybe even reviled) for one reason or another.

10 thoughts on “Hello, I have a blog now.”

  1. Jeremy Strandberg, I think it makes them easier to find and link to.

    Plus, maybe I’m lazy, but if I’m reading a blog, I’d much rather be able to read the text of the post rather than needing to open a link to download a pdf.

  2. Jeremy Strandberg, would it be possible to get access to your playtest documents? I don’t have a game group per se, a couple of friends and me tried DW a few sessions and it Went OK. I would like to pitch Stonetop to them to see if they’re interested.

  3. Martin Larsson I’d show them the links on the blog post (the “Welcome to Stonetop,” the setting guide, the moves & gear, the playbooks, etc.).

    If that’s not enough to “pitch” them, I doubt anything else in the playtest materials will, either!

    If they’re keen to play, let me know and I’ll hook you up with the full details.

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