Help us come up with flags!

Help us come up with flags!

Help us come up with flags!

Hi All,

Some of you may have seen this request already but we could use more!

We’re working on Sword Breaker issue #7 (our DW zine) and it will be aimed at younger players. We want to provide options for flags that will be super clear and actionable. I expect there will be a wide range of ages at each table because families often try to play with siblings who are spread out in age and ability. Here are some examples:

* Make me mad so I can act crazy!

* Make me do the talking because you know it freaks me out!

* Treat me like the boss!

We’re open to suggestions and alternative opinions as well.

We will, of course, give credit to anyone who contributes.

10 thoughts on “Help us come up with flags!”

  1. With the caveat that I don’t have a lot of experience with Flags, and so I don’t have a great feel for what makes them good or bad…

    Do something reckless to impress me.

    Do something nice for me to make me feel better.

    Take my side in an argument.

    Assume the worst about me and get mad about it

    Make me promise you something that I don’t want to do

    Share a secret with me

    Tease me about how I look

    Ask me for my help on a something boring or brainy

    Embarrass me with stories about my past

    Make me uncomfortable with, y’know, kissy stuff

    Scold me for something bad or mean that I did

    Stand up to me when I’m about to do something bad

    Moon over me and then pretend that you weren’t

    Ask me questions until I get mad at you

    Get into trouble so I can bail you out

  2. Jeremy Strandberg They are exactly the way you wrote them above. They say, “Hey! do this thing in the game. You’ll get an XP and I’ll have an opportunity to play up this aspect of my character!”

  3. From my write up of flags: “…the best flags…

    …suggest an action specific enough that it is obvious when another character hits it.

    …create some sort of conflict or tension, usually by giving your character a choice to make.

    …give you an opportunity to demonstrate something about your character that might not otherwise be showcased.

    …enable taking action in a way meaningful to your character.

    …bring enough consequence to the story to develop a relationship between your character and another” – Dungeon World Flags – DivNull RPG

  4. I feel like the name of this community should be changed to The Jeremy Strandberg Advice Tavern, as anytime anyone needs help or support, he dips in and solves everyone’s problems with an incisive and clearly written comment.

    A couple ideas:

    Encourage me to tell a story about my past.

    Help me end a ‘fight’ without any fighting.

    Let me show you the true meaning of friendship.

    Stand up for me when I’m being bullied.

    Show me a problem only I can solve.

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