Hey all! Would anyone be interested in play-testing Freebooters 2e? We played & loved 1e with my regular group, but we’re now deep in a game of Blades and don’t want to take a break.

2e looks awesome and I’m itching for some creative, collaborative world-building! I’m UK-based (GMT) and would be happy to run it over Roll20 or play-by-post somewhere if that’s easier with the time difference.

Anyone keen?

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  1. Jack Harrison dude, I’d love to! I’m about to begin running a game so I’d love to check it out as a player, especially magic. I’m in Chicago (CST) but also ok with PbP. I’ve played several pbp games of DW on both Tavern Keeper and Slack, works great if everyone can post (somewhat) regularly!

  2. 4 is definitely manageable, especially over PbP, if you’re keen! I think we’ll aim for posting every 48hrs, but we’ve yet to have that discussion.

  3. Jack Harrison that sounds great. I haven’t done PbP in years, but I’m excited to try out Freebooters 2E. Even more than that, I’m excited to be a player! I’ve only ever GM’d PbtA games so it’ll be great to get that perspective.

  4. If you need more, or a sub, I’d be in. Itching to try 2e with our group once we finish up the 5e Yawning Portal campaign I’m running now.

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