4 thoughts on “Tavernites!”

  1. Definitely the big four (F, T, C, MU). After that Ranger, Bard, Barbarian. Druid, too, if you don’t mind the constant shapeshifting in order to circumvent obstacles (flying over chasms; mousing into a room to spy; goin’ gator in the swamp, and so on).

  2. I would definitely recommend sticking with the core classes and omitting the Druid. I also like to level my characters up very early on in one shots so they get a taste of the advanced moves.

  3. thanks all.. going with the revised core classes (Fighter, thief, wizard, cleric, bard, paladin, ranger, druid, barbarian and Immolator) plus

    The Charred

    The Dashing Hero

    The Artificer

    and starting at level 2

    thanks for all the input!

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