Dungeon World Sandbox Campaign Arc Example:

Dungeon World Sandbox Campaign Arc Example:

Dungeon World Sandbox Campaign Arc Example:

I start with Goblin Shrine of the Spider Gods:


Then convert to Dungeon World:


The “Upper Caverns” on the Shrine of the Spider Gods map become the lower level of my Unknown Adventure Dungeon:


To which I swap out the too similar Ragnar’s Axe for this adventure arc’s more colorful the Mace of Mog and update the adventure to its current version. The CC Classes are now purely voluntary.

The “Lower Caverns” on the map I convert to a morlocks’ lair. I place an eloi village in a deceptive paradise “Shangri La” hidden valley near the spider goblin shrine surface entrance. My notes for this became the basis for my Temple in the Dark Dungeon World Starter:


This is more than enough if the party ever gets here.Should I revert to the tougher “cinematic morlocks” as opposed to my H.G. Wells goblin cannibals? I lean that way despite my H.G. write-up as it will help make them different than the spider goblins who are a bit like goth arachnid “pathfinder goblins”. I will make these morlocks slow but deadly and less afraid of light.

Cinematic Morlock

Horde, Stealthy, Intelligent, Hoarder

Stone (d6 damage)

6 HP ,0 armor


Special Qualities: Darksight, Blinded by bright light, Slow

Descendants of humans who fled underground long ago, these morlocks have lost much of their past. Adapted to the dark, they skulk around, fighting to survive in an environment filled with danger. While not stupid, they have been set back millennia technologically, relying on clubs and simple traps to defend their lair and Dark Naga leader.

Instinct: To protect their lair

Devour enemies

They deal an additional +1 damage when attacking in groups

Avoid sunlight

The spider goblins know of the eloi “halflings” and the “hidden valley” but leave the area alone in an uneasy truce with the morlocks. The spider goblins are noted for raiding human settlements and others in this wilderness area of the “Frozen Waste” already noted for its already dangerous mountains, endless steppe and treacherous taiga.

It a region most avoid despite tales of fabulous lost dwarf cities, mysterious ruins and the associated terrible monsters, cunning traps and awe inspiring treasure hoards. In other words add Jason Lutes’ Perilous Wilds as needed:


After all the characters start as spider goblin captives. The spider goblins religion is all caused by confused dreams from Mog (somehow via the now lost goblin ESP medallion), who ends up with another giant spider cult he can’t stand.

There is a small Viking village to the south (“Iceport”) by the coast in a remote frontier jarldom called “Markland” :}Otherwise the map is pretty blank for now. I wouldn’t be shocked to find the Death Frost Doom dungeon somewhere nearby or the Stellarium of Vinteralf. Or maybe a trip to Newhon?