“Can’t Sleep-The Clowns Will Eat Me!” Dungeon World Conversion

“Can’t Sleep-The Clowns Will Eat Me!” Dungeon World Conversion

“Can’t Sleep-The Clowns Will Eat Me!” Dungeon World Conversion

Minor Revisions

The Stephanie Bryant Starter: http://trilemma.com/blog/adventures/41%20Clowns.pdf

My Dungeon World Conversion Notes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KpvH1kELiU30kCYtacz-d4HC3RCQ039U


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  1. This is great! I am running this for my daughter and friends today. I did create a move based on +Jason Cordova’s labyrinth move.

    When you navigate the bewildering halls of the mirror maze to find the Dream Eater, describe how you do it and roll +STAT. ✯ On a 12+ hold 2. ✯ On a 10+ Hold 1. ✯ On a 7-9 hold one, but you also encounter one of the three guardians (two doppelgängers and a mimic). ✯ On a 1-3 you lose all hold.

    The mimic is disguised as a funhouse mirror – see a distorted image – rippled, inverted, fat, skinny, but the shadows are all wrong and the mirror has dark spots…and are those teeth around the frame?

    A doppelganger will stand in a doorway making itself look like a version of one PC. Note, nothing else is reflected. The image is one of idealized beauty, or costumed differently. It may also be the PC, but with dead, rotting skin, without any facial features — just smooth skin, etc.

    If multiple party members navigate in turn, their hold is pooled together for the entire party. You may spend 3 hold at any time to find the lair of the Dream Eater.

  2. Mark Tygart The ladies did very well. My daughter’s two friends had never played an TT RPG before and they really enjoyed it. Your opening questions really helped set the mood.

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