Running Stonetop chapter posted.

Running Stonetop chapter posted.

Running Stonetop chapter posted.

This is the mandatory chapter on GMing a PbtA game: your job as GM, agenda & principles, making GM moves, etc.

I had to talk myself back from a much more elaborate, longer, encyclopedic “these are all the things you might do as you GM” chapter, and it still ended up 2-3 times longer than the Dungeon World or Apocalypse World versions.

So: I’m super interested in feedback on this, especially from the newer GMs out there.

4 thoughts on “Running Stonetop chapter posted.”

  1. I’ve minimal experience of *World games (although I’ve read and researched about them a lot) and this was very helpful, especially the advice about making moves. Kudos!

  2. I think it is all good, but it is also quite a lot. I mean, if you add it all up that is a LOT the GM should/could be doing, and especially newer GMs might be trying to keep it all in their head (and probably fail to do so).

    At the same time you explain quite well what you mean, and the examples help to get a grasp on it. GM’ing is a complex art, so it is not strange you end up with a long chapter covering just the basics.

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