8 thoughts on “Now with English subtitles!”

  1. Thanks for the subs. My German is a little rusty. Hey great tips! A similar method is described in The Catacomb Guide for AD&D. Good tips Andreas Büttenbender Vielen Danks!

  2. Oney Clavijo and thank you for pointing me towards the AD&D book. I only had the players guide from 2nd edition. My DM guide and Monster Manual were still first Edition. I loved the cover art of first edition.

  3. Yes. That book teaches a lot about game mastering. It is a great resource that treats all the important subjects that we all need to develop and improve in. Npcs creation, exiting adventures and even house ruling the game as well as many more. I am glad it can be found online as pdf. I am glad that you like it Andreas Büttenbender

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