Get this zine now!

Get this zine now!

Get this zine now! It’s a plunge into the afterlife in the tradition of some of the finest fantasy literature! Your characters might regret the journey but you won’t! Excellent material for your gaming and inspired art with every turn of the page!

6 thoughts on “Get this zine now!”

  1. Ray Otus There are some projects that are so close to the heart, taking them out and sharing them with others can feel like performing a ritual to challenge the world of the dead!

  2. Logan Howard Ha. Yeah. I would be much more self-deprecating in my choice of words. This one kind of exposes me on multiple fronts – writing, art, gamesmanship, and even emotional makeup. So it feels a bit raw and is hard for me to self-promote. I may write a post about this in the next few days, but I have essentially rolled on that Stare into the Abyss move in real life. My mid/late 40s were not always a pleasant time to be in my own head.

  3. Thanks to some talks we have had, Ray Otus, I feel like I am better equipped to navigate these waters. I have made some decisions in the last two years that have helped me live a clearer life as a result and I really appreciate that. Thank you.

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