Fear of a Black Dragon

Fear of a Black Dragon

Dungeon World Monster Conversions: Yoon-Suin

Crab Person Slave


Claws (d8 damage)

6 HP

3 armor


Special Qualities: Slave

Lowest of all in the Yellow City are the crab-people, who live outside the city in the mangroves and the rocks called the Topaz Islands, and are not permitted to enter the city proper except in servitude. They are barely intelligent things, but strong and tough, and they are sometimes forced to do manual labour or simple tasks, on pain of death or torture and for scant reward. They are undoubtedly unfortunate and pathetic beings, very meek of character, though the people of the city think of them as the reincarnated souls of criminals and breakers of taboo, and deserving of their miserable lot. They do not generally have names, though those in employment are often daubed with paint to signify who is their master.

Instinct: Obey




Slug Person Aristocrat

Group, Magical, Intelligent

Magical Bolt (d10 damage)

6 HP

0 armor

Close, Near

Special Qualities: Aristocrat of the Yellow City, Slimy, Scholar

In Yoon-Suin’s Yellow City’s highest strata are the slug-people, the race who built the city’s first buildings, founded its great civilisation, and who have lived there since, they say, the dawn of time. They alone are permitted to own fixed property, to import and export goods, and to attend many of the city’s libraries, archives and madrassas. They are a pompous and effete people, fascinated by clothes and fashions and the decoration of their own appearances, though they love learning and study and pursuits scientific, aesthetic and sorcerous.

Instinct: Punish lesser beings


Summon Crab Person Slaves

Cast Spells

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