Thought I’d share a few items I made for my campaign.

Thought I’d share a few items I made for my campaign.

Thought I’d share a few items I made for my campaign. They’re tied to the character identities thematically, and are intentionally pretty powerful for that reason.


A small blue stone is set onto the front of this hat. On closer inspection, there is a bright blue liquid trapped within the gem, sloshing back and forth angrily.

When you are on a body of water and compel the imprisoned Water Elemental in the gem on this hat to serve you, roll+CHA. 10+Hold 3, 7-9 Hold 1. You can spend hold to…

Speed up the waters around you, allowing you, allies, or a ship, to move more quickly to its destination.

Create a whirlpool in a nearby body of water.

Create a large watery tentacle under your control out of a nearby body of water (reach, forceful)

Sense the location of a creature you know that is in contact with this body of water

Breathe, see, and swim perfectly underwater


Ivlysar Tal’enquin’s life was ultimately one of loss, failure, and pain. This compass is all that was known to survive him. Worn like a necklace, the glass on this compass is cracked, and it seems broken beyond repair. When worn by someone who knew Ivlysar in life, however, it begins to spin rapidly, pointing him to others who are in pain – and allowing them to share their own.

When you discern realities, you can also ask “who here is in pain?” The GM will tell you the nature of this pain.

When you willingly accept a blow from an enemy, roll+CON. On a 7-9, deal your class damage to them. On a 10+ they are also momentarily afflicted with terror, pain, or sorrow.


The tattoos that cover your body all go black, and your organic eye clouds with a shadowy substance, turning it dark as well. Something has changed within you, at your most fundamental level. Your veins no longer carry blood throughout your body, but instead pulse with shadow.

In darkness, you can see in shades of grey, including magical darkness.

When your blood is spilled, either by an enemy or yourself (1d6 self-inflicted damage), you may roll +CON to will it to coalesce into shadowstuff. On a 10+ hold 3 SHADOW, 7-9 hold 1 SHADOW. You may spend SHADOW 1 for 1 to:

Create a cloud of darkness centered on the place you touch, with a radius of near

Slip through a space only large enough for a shadow

Cast a shadow, no larger than an ogre, on a near surface

Remain unnoticeable as long as you keep still in shadows

Manipulate something small (doorknob, chest, key ring, etc.) at near range with the shadows of your fingers

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