Hi everyone, I was away for a while, I missed you all!

Hi everyone, I was away for a while, I missed you all!

Hi everyone, I was away for a while, I missed you all! I live now in a very small underdeveloped town in an island far from civilization in a third-world country. I think there are 5000 souls or less in the area and I need some ideas for finding new players. I am considering “making” new players like for instance, chatting to friendly people about the hobby of roleplaying and the DW game, etc. It is really frightening sinc there is a lot of religious old-fashioned cults and I am afraid I might be tagged with the “devilish” tag. Honestly I could use some ideas. Thanks!

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  1. That sucks, mate. It happened here in italy too in the past. Just try to be subtle and maybe organize a “pedagogic” and public one shot with a religious flavour in a pub, in which a group of adventorous kids helps an old lady saving her dog from thieves, bad scientists or something like that (no magic). Then if you find people interesting people, you can privately move towards fantasy themes.

  2. I’ve often started by not naming the game, but instead offering to people if they’d like to try an adveture-based storytelling game where everyone gets to do things that they normally see in action/adventure movies. That usually hooks the bait without getting the religious types riled.

  3. Ron Shier that reminds me a funny anecdote, when I started playing D&D a while 28 years ago or so, I put adds about playing dungeon and my phone number. Some guy read it and called looking for a master, apparently he thought I was offering a “dungeon” service for sadist/masochist stuff LOL!

  4. Oney Clavijo Omg, that’s crazy! Imagine if you tried to meet up not realizing that you both meant different things! I wonder if he would have just played the game to not out himself, lol!

    Also, I have a very religious friend that I play with, so I’m careful not to have cults or demons in our games. He’s seen lord of the rings, so he’s cool with magic, and I make the game similar to those movies, except I introduce strange made-up creatures sometimes. He’s loved it so far.

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