I had an epiphany while looking at the cleric class.

I had an epiphany while looking at the cleric class.

I had an epiphany while looking at the cleric class. It astounds me that I can still find hidden things in Dungeon World after all this time. So, I present my character concept, using the cleric to create a fictionally similar, yet different class.

The Monk

(I would advise speaking with your DM to make sure using your fists can still deal your class damage, at least with magic weapon cast on them. Otherwise, I would use the staff or another monk-like weapon.)

Race: Human (Chosen spell: Magic Missile)

Alignment: Lawful

Stats: Focus on WIS and DEX with the third best stat in CON.

Deity Domain: Whatever suits you (I will choose The Downtrodden and Forgotten)

Precept: Suffering

Divine Guidance

Turn Undead: Prayer Beads


Cast a Spell (Key Spells: Magic Weapon, Bless, Magic Missile [Ki Blast], Healing Spells, Harm, possibly Hold Person)

Starting Gear: Dungeon Rations, Symbol of the divine (Prayer Beads), Chainmail (can wear until you get divine protection or disregard it entirely), Staff and bandages, Healing potion.

Advanced Moves (2-5)

2: Divine Protection (classic monk ability)

3: Serenity (to keep magic weapon or bless up)

4: Divine Intervention for those matrix style dodges (or Empower for better Magic Missile damage or better healing)

5: Penitent (goes with my deity’s precept)

Advanced Moves (6-10)

6: Martyr (for those powerful Magic Missile counter attacks or a big heal)

7: Divine Invincibility (or Greater Empower)

8: Providence (to keep magic weapon and bless up)

9: Apotheosis (for flavor, or choose something else like Chosen One for Magic Missile as a Rote)

10: Divine Armor or Multiclass Dabbler for a monkish move from another class.

Obviously there is a lot of room for customization depending on the type of monk you want to play. I just thought it was a cool “what here is not what it appears to be” type of thing. What do you all think?

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