The antagonist in issue 6 of my Session Zero zine will have three moves based on certain aspects: Title, Clan and a Staff. The Staff will always be the same (The Staff of Souls), but The Title and Clan come from a card draw from a regular deck of cards.

Each card rank gives a different title, which gives the antagonist a specific artifact that comes with a move. Likewise each suit gives a different Clan name which tells what “eternal form” the antagonist has, and dictates another move.

Example: Kind of Diamonds = Kazlan Dirr, who is a Lich wearing the Crown of Command (and wielding the Staff of Souls).

Kazlan Dirr

HP, Armor, etc.

Lich description

Instinct: X

(which requires the Staff)

I have the four clans and the staff, and two of the artifacts (“Crown of Command” and “Tiara of Teleportation”) but need help with the other 11 artifacts. They need not be alliterations, but need to be concise enough that you can easily understand their move just by their name.

Thanks in advance. If I use your suggestion in the zine I’ll include your name with it!

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  1. I’d love to help, but I don’t quite follow what you’re looking for.

    Like, you just want 11 example artifacts, with a monster move that goes along with each?

    So, like this?

    Apep’s Black Tooth: a long, curved dagger of strange metal, said to be wrought from the fang of the serpent that will one day devour the sun.

    * Snuff out a light source

  2. Brian Holland Oh! Got it. Thanks for the clarity Jeremy Strandberg!

    Horn of Broken Bones: A jagged horn carved from an ogre’s tusk.

    * Emit a baleful wail from the Horn of Broken Bones shattering a leg or an arm.

  3. The Scepter Vulcanis a rod of glowing bronze, about 3 feet long, wisps of black smoke always rising from the tip

    * Hurl a curtain of fire, lava, smoke, and ash (d12 damage, area, forceful, messy, dangerous, reload, ignores armor, )

  4. Urn of Unliving A plain clay urn, probably sealed with wax when you find it. It sounds like some small things are rattling around inside.

    * Store someone’s finger bone in the urn, imbued with a shard of their soul, hiding them from Death and keeping them tethered to this side of the Black Gates.

  5. The steel circle: an inscribed ring of metal, an heavy ominous green glowing smoke continually seeps from the runes

    *send a smoke lash at someone, asphixiaring them and temporarly canceling magic effects and spells

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