7 thoughts on “Any reviews for FotF based on extended campaign experience?”

  1. Maezar has been running Freebooters longer than anyone else! I believe that’s him who wrote the DTRPG review you linked.

    See his post here:


    He hacked FotF into a 2d12 system to make it work more smoothly in the long term. For 2e I am looking at ways to ensure the basic system can hold up through character level 10. I myself have only been able to playtest about 6 half-campaigns, and have not done a lot of higher-level testing.

  2. My longest lasting campaign is going on 15 mos. and counting. We have one character of each class, one 10 level mega dungeon, and one city state. Characters are levels 11 or 12 at this point. It has been fantastic. With 9 dungeon levels “cleared” the final showdown awaits: face the necrodragon, (avatar of an evil god) and save the world!

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