In a few weeks, I’d like to make an update to the rules of Worlds of Adventure.

In a few weeks, I’d like to make an update to the rules of Worlds of Adventure.

In a few weeks, I’d like to make an update to the rules of Worlds of Adventure. Make some adjustments, add some things.

I know what I’d like to change or add – but what about you? What has, or hasn’t, worked for you? I understand there are some people playtesting the game, here and now, but I’d love to hear some specific feedback!

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  1. We played a one-shot last night and I think it went off great and everyone that played said they would like to do so again. They were all new to the PbtA system but had all played DnD so they picked it up fairly fast. We had a Druid Totemist (that really used the Totemist background to its fullest), a Cleric (that turned out to be a great leader with Lead the Flock), a Wizard (that was rolling really well), and a Bard (that I think did nothing but Parley the entire time).

    Specific feedback from me:

    1.Static load amounts, I don’t see why everything else is static but this isn’t.

    2.Box for +1s. In my group people were getting +1 here and there from either Keep Company or spells or whatsoever and they lost track of what they had. A box next to Items might work or it could be something I deal with at the table with some tokens.

    3.Increasing HP. I didn’t see this but is there anyway for the characters HP to increase as they level up?

    4.New Bonds were awesome and I think Flags were unneeded.

    5.I don’t like spells, that’s just me.

  2. Brandon Mila great feedback.

    We’ve been talking about the static load thing; you’re right it seems strange that everything else is static and yet this isn’t!

    You can use the notes field on the first page of the playbook(s) to add bonuses; you would prefer something specifically drawn for +++ though?

    Do you have any suggestions on how we could increase HP while keeping it static? Something like “At X level, increase HP by….”

    Is there something specific about the way WoA does spells that you don’t like, or is this more a general criticism? What did the players think?

  3. I don’t think the game needs leveled HP increase. In DW, HP doesn’t increase with levels either. Naturally, players will get better armor and abilities, so I don’t find it game breaking to have 24 HP for all levels.

  4. About me. First of all, many of the things you put in World of Adventure are pretty much the same I had houseruled for my DW games, and that I loved from Perilous Wilds. I’d love more Playbooks, of course. I think you could ask to the various authors (mainly those who created Creative Commons ones) if you can convert them for Worlds of Adventure. Because, you know, the more the better!

  5. Peter J I’ve definitely considered it. Next to Fallen Empires and Fellowship, I feel like the large amount of moves and customisation is one of the things that makes DW (and thus, WoA) a beast of its own. I think I’d be interested in making some kind of minimalist take on the classes and rules, though, like you suggest – like a more traditional Apocalypse Engine game.

    Andrea Parducci​ I’m wondering about this myself; basically, whether it’s better to implement certain concepts and classes as a unique playbook, or as a compendium class. I’m unsure as to where that line should lie, and I haven’t come to any really solid conclusions yet. What are your thoughts?

  6. Yeah, this is true. Some class can be a simplified, distilled Compendium Class. Still, I feel that we need specific classes / archetypes that hardly can be represented by 3 or 4 custom moves. The Witch, the Monk, the Artificer, the Dashing Hero, the Pirate + Ship etc. all of them should deserve a full playbook. Others, like the Inquisitor, the Slayer, the Berserker, the Marksman, the Summoner, the Ninja etc. probably could be served well with CC. Side note: maybe Johnstone Metzger​ could give you access to his Class Warfare to gain inspiration or almost direct “CC conversion” 😀

  7. PS turn DW more like AW? I say “no”. DW is good ’cause it covers that “dungeon action + narrative” niche pretty well. If you condense it in a re-painted AW, you’ ll obtain a totally different kind of game, probably making turn the players nose up.

  8. Number of moves is perfect. Having to pick up a move each time you level up is fun!

    Agreed for the playbooks. There’s an opportunity for WoA to include some of the missing less classic but known and beloved concepts (warlock, monk, witch, artificer, swashbuckler and such already mentioned). To me those are full playbooks.

    I feel the same as Andrea Parducci​ for CC.

    It’s also a great opportunity to present fully original playbooks or CC.

  9. Brandon Mila​ I have the same concern (although didn’t playtest it) with +1 bloating. I read through City of Judas recently and really digged the mechanic of the advantage dice.

  10. Brandon Mila Addramyr Palinor I don’t know how much one can do about instances of +1 Forward bloat. Perhaps the notes section on the back of the playbook could be used – that seems the natural place for most bonuses like this.

    I do consider some +1 Forwards to be more temporary than others, I might add. Bless, for example, might not last past the end of the scene, while Keep Company might linger for a while.

    An approach to take might be to consolidate some of these moves or to better clarify when these bonuses might expire. I’ll look into something like this.

  11. I do like the advantage dice mechanic and it’s something I’ll play with. In the meantime I think having tokens while we play will mitigate the +1 situation I’m having.

  12. I agree that HP should generally remain static. Perhaps beefier characters could have an HP increase as one of their optional level up bonuses (tied to con mod maybe).

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