Worlds of Adventure v0.2 is here!

Worlds of Adventure v0.2 is here!

Worlds of Adventure v0.2 is here!

We’re proud to announce the second iteration of this ongoing project. If you’re not familiar with the initial Release of Worlds of Adventure, we’re looking to build on the strengths and themes of Dungeon World with a holistic, take-it-as-is ruleset that emphasises functionality and flexibility.

For those familiar with the v0.1 ruleset, here’s a list of some of the broad-strokes changes:

– Updates to some overall mechanics, particularly for Bonds and the Adventure Moves.

– Some small tweaks to items and item prices.

– Updates to each of the classes, some small, some big.

– The Cleric has been totally reworked!

– Spellcasting (for the Cleric and the Wizard) has also been reworked, and there are some extra premade spells and invocations.

Please send us your comments and suggestions. You can contact me, Yochai Gal, and/or the other owners/moderators of this community whom I can’t seem to +tag right now.

26 thoughts on “Worlds of Adventure v0.2 is here!”

  1. Andrew Huffaker We’re experimenting with what gives the best game feel.

    The current idea is that, since players need to calculate their weight anyway based on their equipment choices, it isn’t an entire extra step in character creation like calculating HP is. The other notion is that load is tied much less to playbooks (and their “class fantasy,” to borrow the term) than HP is; Load is a much more nebulous concept overall, and it makes a good amount of sense that someone stronger should be able to carry more, regardless of whether they’re a Wizard or a Barbarian.

  2. Addramyr Palinor a few people have told us that already; I’ll continue updating the above link to the all-in-one version as we release minor fixes in the coming weeks…

  3. Addramyr Palinor​ Plenty of small ones, but most notable are the totally reworked Adventure moves.

    Andrew Huffaker​ I presume you’re getting issues from the inserts in the middle of the playbook pages, yes? I plan to update the all-in-one PDF to fix that problem, which should solve yours (since you’ll then be able to tell your printer to get the lot of them at once!).

  4. I like the idea behind your version of the Perilous Journey although I think the move would benefit from getting simplified (at least in its layout). I feel like it’s a huge block of text that is a bit hard to read.

  5. just joined after hearing about on gauntlet podcast, excited to dig into what’s happening here and try out these new rules. Are folks looking at what Jeremy Sandberg is doing with Stonetop? Quite a bit more specialized, but a lot of good ideas happening there too.

  6. So, in the players “principles of play” section it says: “remind us of your moves.” Don’t most world games (and I am pretty sure DW also, though I don’t have the book in front of me right at this moment) tell you not to say your move.

    I think I get the idea behind putting that there, but it kind of undermines one of the core tenants.

  7. It’s always everyone’s job to remember when moves trigger, in all PbtA games.

    The principles also say not to name your move, but to act in the fiction. Kirby Bridges

  8. That’s kind of what I thought it was getting at but wasn’t sure. Either way, this is a really good iteration of DW. Can I ask what program you used to put it together? Also, would you be willing to offer blank character sheets? I’d love to adapt some of my classes in this style and with these tweaks.Cameron Burns

  9. Kirby Bridges I cooked it up in Google Docs, actually, with a lot of time and effort. And I agree – I’ll see about creating a blank character sheet and adding it to the files!

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