Hireling Adept: Is there a limit to the adeps abilities?

Hireling Adept: Is there a limit to the adeps abilities?

Hireling Adept: Is there a limit to the adeps abilities?

From the DW SRD:


An adept has … The most important feature of casting with an adept is that any negative effects of the casting are focused on the adept first.

So the adept takes every negative result of every spell he assists?

The protector has a limit like: Skill -1 for every use.

The fighter will need first aid after he takes the first blow.

But what happens to the adept if i roll a 7 with my magic missile spell?

8 thoughts on “Hireling Adept: Is there a limit to the adeps abilities?”

  1. Depends on what you choose as your complication.

    Unwelcome attention/ on the spot – the adept steps inside the magical circle, drops the bat guano and creates a flash that draws the Orc slavers attention, is thrown down the hole by the kickback or some other kind of hurt is visited on the poor fool.

    Disturb the fabric of reality: poor Podrick sees something horrible in the cleft between the worlds or the hair on his neck stands up. Now you can’t concentrate on your next spell on account of his constant whimpering. (-1 ongoing fiction).

    Forget spell: “I’m terribly sorry, Grand Wizard Berger. I smudged the ink in your spellbook. I’ll stay up all night correcting it sir, and we’ll have you casting magic missile again in no time.”

  2. You won’t be so worried about the limitations once poor Podrick is dragged to hell for disturbing the demon trapped in the magic circle, has to work the oars on the Orc slave galleys or falls asleep on watch after fixing your spellbook.

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