What’s in your screen?

What’s in your screen?

What’s in your screen?

I’m building a GM screen for an upcoming game, putting in various useful bits of information that I want at hand – agenda, principles, GM/dungeon moves, treasure tables, character traits/vices (Freebooters on the Frontier by Jason Lutes), NPC instincts. What do you have in your screen?

Since the GM doesn’t really roll dice in DW, I know that a GM screen might seem superfluous, but my intention isn’t to hide from the players. Some things need to be immediately at hand and a flipping through a binder/notebook is just not immediate enough.

Hit me with your best!

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  1. I don’t have a screen. I use a binder.

    On the cover I have GM and Dungeon Moves and a bunch of loaded questions I like. Inside:

    Front section:

    – Basic and special Moves

    – Weapons, Armor, Gear

    – More standard equipment lists

    – Weapon Tags, Equipment tags, Armor tags, Non weapon damage suggestions, and stat chart.

    – Hirelings moves

    Exploration tab (all from Perilous Wilds):

    – See the World pages (travel rules and moves)

    – Ask the Fates pages (random place and encounter generators.

    – Plumb the Depths (the dungeon generator section)

    – Draw the Map (group world creation guidelines)

    NPC Tab:

    – NPC generator from Perilous Wilds

    – One-Roll NPC Generator

    – Hirelings rules

    – 100 Instincts and 100s knacks from DW

    Monsters Tab:

    – Making Monster (Perilous Wilds)

    – Treasure (Perilous Wilds)

    – Monsters by Setting ( a 28 page doc I made from the DW SRD that includes index and complete text from DW on the monsters.)

    Magic Items Tab

    – Treasure (Perilous Wilds)

    – Standard Item lists again

    – Magic Items from DW in 6 pages.

    – Magic items from the Discern Realities Annual

    – Menagerie of Minor Magic (from Drivethrurpg)

    Campaign Tab

    – Space for fronts, threats, and dungeon starters

    – place to keep notes, maps, and handouts

    PC Tab

    – handouts and character sheets

    – place to keep PC sheets and notes

  2. Alan Barclay That sounds amazing! Do you have a printable template of the binder pages or is it something you’ve accumulated over time? Sounds super useful!

    I just have a pile of various items you mentioned as well as pdfs open on my laptop. Think i need to step my game up!

  3. Argenda and principles i do not check actively during game.

    I need on a GM screen: the DM Moves, Basic & Special moves. Treasure Table and namelists. 1d00 Instincts, Knacks. Equipment and Hirelings abilities.

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