Mimic (Solitary)

Mimic (Solitary)

Mimic (Solitary)

Bite (d8 damage) 15HP, 1 Armor


Mimics are natural predators, born by magical means, that will eat just about anything that touches them. As shapeshifters, capable of perfectly replicating the appearance of wood, stone, and metal; Mimics commonly take on the form of stairs, door frames, chest, and many other shapes. Though larger mimics are mostly mindless creatures, with only enough intelligence to understand what kind of shapes blend in with its surrounding environment. Smaller mimics though are not only capable of greater intelligence, but even of tactics and speech. Mimics care only to feed themselves, but what the food is doesn’t matter to them, and smaller specimens will gladly let an adventurer go by unscratched in exchange for a bag of food. Such bribes can also be used to gain information or even guidance though a dungeon. Instinct: Satisfy Hunger

*Ensnare with tongue

*Take an enticing form

One thought on “Mimic (Solitary)”

  1. Well done! I did a Mimic conversion a while ago and made the following with the monster creation rules:


    Large, Solitary, Amorphous, Hoarder, Intelligent

    Instinct: To Survive

    Close, Reach

    Pseudopods and Teeth (d10+3 damage, 0 Piercing; Ignores Armor) 19hp, 1 Armor

    Useful Adaptation: Shapeshifting

    *Wait patiently for prey

    *Take form of any object within 10 feet in size

    *Sticky Pseudopods

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