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  1. Lester Ward interesting. In my interpretation it’s phrased like the last choice! “When you reach the end of a session, if you hit a flag of any other character during the session at least once, mark XP. If anyone hit at least one of your flags this session, mark XP.”

    I interpret this to mean you get one XP for hitting a flag, and one if yours was hit, for a total of 2 per session. But in APs I’ve only seen people getting XP for hitting someone else’s flag. Thus my confusion.

  2. In my mind, the whole point of flags is to encourage players to highlight other players’ awesomeness. Awarding xp if your flags get hit provides an equal reward for sitting back and just letting your own awesomeness be highlighted. So I take the first interpretation.

  3. James Etheridge I agree. However, I can also see an argument for being rewarded for enabling interaction. But I think that would depend on the players and the flags. If your flag is a character weakness or seriously inconvenient, for example.

  4. I am just starting my first DW campaign and my thought is to cap at one flag point because I am starting to worry the players would advance too quickly. I would like them to max out at about 4-5 xp per session.

  5. I’ll be running Flags from next week, with a new group.

    They will get xp once per Flag each session, one to the player hitting the Flag and the one who has the Flag. This stimulates roleplaying AND the more power hungry, as Bonds have, but I expect Flags do more than Bonds.

    Thinking loud:

    This means each character can potentially provide 2 xp for themselves and 2 for others, for a total of 4 xp per character into the pool. With 6 players, that’s a possible 24 xp distributed among the characters. Half of that would be distibuted evenly. 12 xp would be spread as the narrative allows. Then, there’s the normal end of session xp.

    I think they will advance quicker, but that just might be all right, I’m running a campaign hoping to reach its end by easter.

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