4 thoughts on “Hi all, I’m a bit of a noob at dungeon world and have only played one session. I have a question:”

  1. Whenever they eat. At least once a day to stay healthy, twice at least if they want to stay in good condition for adventuring. Typically when a party isn’t actually off in a dungeon, it’s best to have them eat proper food, at an inn or tavern. Dungeon rations should only be eaten while in a dungeon or food is otherwise unattainable.

  2. The Make Camp move requires that you consume a ration. I don’t think it says what happens if you don’t have any though.

    Rations can also be good leverage to parlay with some monsters, and as a GM they’re a great target for a hard move: food can get spoiled, stolen, poisoned, infested with face eater worms…

  3. Consuming a ration is a condition of the Make Camp move. No ration to consume then you’re not really making the Make Camp move so you don’t get the benefits of it

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