I’m starting a new thread for this only because the version 1.1 file is WAY down in the thread.

I’m starting a new thread for this only because the version 1.1 file is WAY down in the thread.

I’m starting a new thread for this only because the version 1.1 file is WAY down in the thread.

Here’s version 1.1 of the “One Sheet RPG” which may get a new name if I publish it into a “booklet” format. This version has some changes as a result of suggestions made here and on other threads.


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  1. Thanks Gerke Bouma. I’ve made a few changes since I posted v1.1. Here’s v1.3. (I’ll figure out how to link it correctly eventually Yochai Gal LOL)

    I sent this over to the friend I made it for to see how he likes it (several changes since v1.0) but there is still 1 little thing I want to work on. It says “Details are Blah blah blah but not for a mechanical benefit. That’s not stricly true since the GM can give Bonuses to the roll based on you character details. I’ll figure out how I want to word that and (hopefully) that’ll be the last change I make!

    drive.google.com – One Sheet RPG v1_3.pdf

  2. Hmm, can’t find that other thread now, so I’ll ask: did you discuss whether “is failure possible” could have some other qualifier as to whether it would also be interesting or in some way meaningful to the story? So that you don’t call rolls for trivial things? Or is that assumption baked in?

    And this is really neat 🙂

  3. Christian Griffen I’m still tweaking a newer version that I’m not ready to post. It cleans up some language and makes details simply details rather than MAJOR or MINOR, as per the suggestion of the friend for whom I made this game. Another change I made was in the “Is Failure Possible?” node. I changed it to “Is failure exciting” per a conversation (Addramyr Palinor) in the original thread, but left the next node “Is Success Possible?” unchanged.

    For failure, I’m unsure which term to use: exciting or interesting. Are they functionally the same? What are your thoughts?

  4. It depends on the flavor of your game, I think. If you want it to be neutral in tone, I’d just say “is failure possible and relevant”. “Interesting” is a step up from that, and “exciting” yet another one. Each step up means more focus and fewer rolls, which will feel different depending on the tone you’re going for.

  5. That’s a good point! I Intend for the game to be about “telling a cool story”, with the focus on narrative (and thus only one mechanical component, which is used for conflict resolution). Maybe both… “Is failure interesting or exciting?” or use “and/or” rather than just “or”.

  6. I’ve shared the latest version with my friend (which really just clarifies some things and reorganizes it a bit) and he really proved that you can use this to play anything you like. He GM’d with 2 players last night. Here are the details (I edited it down to the essentials, they used much more detail than I’m presenting)

    Central Conflict: The Patriots ALWAYS will the Superbowl. It’s time for someone besides the Giants to beat them in the big game!


    Coaching Genius

    Top 3 Quarterback

    Best TE in the league

    Aging Defense

    “Never give up” attitude

    /// Characters ///

    Team Name Midwest Marauders

    Ancestry Human

    Class Offensive Coordinator

    Average Quarterback

    Two top tier Receivers

    Running back leads the league in yards and rushing TD’s

    Banged-up Offensive line

    Ancestry Human

    Class Defensive Coordinator

    LB Leads league in sacks

    Top scoring defense in the league

    Primarily zone defense, but will shift into man coverage

    “Defense wins championships!”

    They are going to play 1 quarter per session, and ended the “1st quarter” last night with the Patriots up 7-3

  7. This is very close to World of Dungeons but without the flavor, details, and specifics. It’s the essential mechanics and some advice on how to use them to set up a setting and scenario. Excellent work!

    I love the idea of combining this with premade answers to page 2 for various settings, each given 1-10 pages. Doing so might result in a publishable book that allows very easy one shots in any genre, telling any kind of story, with people who have never played an RPG.

    Finally, you could add an appendix that includes instructions on adding a few other pbta mechanics and when /why to use them (such as describing future badness and using clocks to ensure tension.)

  8. I realize what I described isn’t necessarily your thing, but it encompasses your thing. If you’re not interested, would you mind me giving it a shot?

    Also, to answer your question, I think “interesting ” is the most efficient answer that applies to most situations. Exciting is too specific because some games are fantastic without a focus on excitement. Anything less than interesting encourages boring rolls /bad GMing.

  9. Michael Bacon, The latest version has an intro telling how/why I used the different pieces of the 4 different games (AW, DW, FATE, and The Indie Hack) and a section on “unpacking the rules”. What I plan to do is release it like that on DriveThru for free (or maybe PWYW) with a link to a Google Doc that lists those other PbtA moves, etc.

    Right now I’m using interesting and/or exciting, but I’ll take it under advisement.

    Here is (a not entirely finished… needs some editing) version 1.5.

    drive.google.com – 1S v1_5.pdf

  10. Man this is so great. Make a booklet version and you’ve got one of my A+ games for beginners (untested as of yet, but that’s a short-term problem).

  11. Yochai Gal I actually don’t know how to set up the file to make it print in booklet form because my printer at work does it for me! I just click “booklet” and it does all of the rotating and rearranging automatically so all I have to do is fold it over and staple it. I’d be interested in seeing how you format it for that though!

    Michael Bacon it definitely has endless setting (see above how my friend is using it to play a Superbowl). What I’m thinking about doing though is creating setting packs to sell (real cheap, like $1) on DriveThru.

    They’ll have 6 or so areas (forests, mountains, towns, sites, etc.), each with a unique conflict, plus some possible “classes” that fit the setting, as well as ancestries and classes that DON’T fit in the setting (maybe humans have been eradicated, or the concept of “wizard” doesn’t belong). These can be used to build a smallish sandbox.

    I can do those for any genre or setting, because it’s all just fictional details. A “pack” might have 3 different settings in it. All of that is farther down the road though. Just think aloud LOL

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