p. 9-10 Barbarian Feedback

p. 9-10 Barbarian Feedback

p. 9-10 Barbarian Feedback

Class damage d6+1 instead of d6+2? As a d10 class is there a reason you reduced the damage?

What is Best in Life? and the drive Triumph are essentially the same. WIBIL has great flavor but lackluster reward when Triumph also exists. Maybe add “Take +1 ongoing against these foes in the future” or something.

Kill ’em All (Appetite for Destruction rank 2) dropped intentionally?

Usurper should be +1 ongoing IMO.

What’s the point of More! Always More!? Why would you take this move? And why remove “or write your own”? It seems like it’s a worse version of the Paladin’s Change of Heart (which looks to have been removed).

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