Question regarding Level Up move.

Question regarding Level Up move.

Question regarding Level Up move.

Level Up

When you have downtime (hours or days) and XP equal to (or greater than) your

current level + 7, subtract your current level +7 from your XP, increase your level

by 1, and choose a new advanced move from your class. If you are the wizard,

you also get to add a new spell to your spellbook.

Choose one of your stats and increase it by 1 (this may change your modifier).

Changing your Constitution increases your maximum and current HP. Ability

scores can’t go higher than 18.

Question. We have a serious argument about if both Downtime passed from previous level up and exp. must be equel or above current level + 7 or Downtime is needed as an event and xp = curr. Level + 7. Logical example either Downtime and (XP = level + 7) or (Downtime and xp) = level + 7.

Sorry for my English I was writing it in hurry.

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  1. Downtime is just a fictional amount of time that seems to make sense. It can be a meal-time rest in a dungeon or it can be weeks between adventures. Whatever seems appropriate. There is no set measure for that chunk of time.

    XP for leveling is 7+ your current level. That number is not related to downtime in any way. It’s just your XP counter for the leveling threshold.

  2. I think the intent of the phrasing is just to say “don’t Level Up in the middle of swinging your sword.” Wait for a fictionally appropriate time. (Seconding what Victor Wyatt said.)

  3. Thank you all for quick replies. That’s also what I thought. The reason for my questions is Polish translation of that move. It’s fun made and I don’t even know why I have check the original. Polish one has a lot of misstranslates. I do not recommend it.

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