I’d love to abuse this beautiful community for some inspiration if I may.

I’d love to abuse this beautiful community for some inspiration if I may.

I’d love to abuse this beautiful community for some inspiration if I may.

My PC’s got split up and a couple of them are currently trying to escape a desert residence / small palace that they were imprisoned in. The place is on alert (due to the other PCs messy escape) but no one knows the remaining PCs are stil there and trying to get out.

The PCs trying to escape are basically a rogue and a homebrew bellydancer class with (secret) firecontrolling powers. They have no qualms about killing, but are not likely to survive an all out fight given where they are.

What I am looking for are some interesting situations / microfronts to put in front of these two characters on their way out. They will of course be a lot of sneaking involved and they will likely need to obtain some horses/camels to escape the desert palace they are in. We are using a arabian-nights kind of setting.


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  1. Do you have something for the other PCs to do while the rogue and bellydancer escape from the palace? You don’t want to give those two too much interesting sneaky stuff if the other PCs aren’t also doing something interesting.

    The other PCs might aid the escape from the outside if they know their friends are still inside by deliberately attracting attention and getting the palace guards chasing them, drawing them away from the palace.

    However, given it’s a palace and one of the people inside is a rogue, I’d say that giving an opportunity at a cost seems like a good idea… if the guards have all been drawn away, it would be easy to escape, but this might be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on the legendary Sapphire of Moon or whatever.

    Does the bellydancer know anyone in the palace? Perhaps there’s someone else enslaved in the palace that she knows, and she wants to get them out as well. Or maybe there’s an opportunity to learn something more about her fire control ability if she could get to the palace library…

  2. They encounter a young child, like one of the servant’s children out and about sneaking a midnight snack. The kid is about to yell bloody murder and bring the guards down on them, what do you do?

    You stumble into the harem, and some of the women freak out at the intrusion. One of them offers to help/hide you but only if you take her with you.

    In the twisting tunnels beneath the residence, you find yourself in a tunnel that is utterly empty and clearly hasn’t seen traffic for years. It’s either avoided by everyone who works/lives in the palace, or it’s actually warded by magic so that people don’t usually notice/find it. Follow that passage deeper into the earth and you’ll find a well-appointed room that houses a bound entity: a ghost, a djinn, a demon, or maybe even an angel.

  3. Robert Rendell There will be plenty of stuff for the others, don’t wory (DW really makes that easy :)) They really love splitting up and they seem interested in what happens to the others (maybe because the additional ‘dangerous’ feel by being in a smaller number) so that won’t be an issue.

    I actually put out riches in their face all over the place and they decided to ignore it, as they felt they were under too much pressure to get out to bother about trinkets (I didn’t see that one coming tbh!)

    Jeremy Strandberg

    I’ll totally use the young child suggestion. I love putting them in situations that don’t beg for the simple ‘murder them all’ solution. Not that they couldn’t kill the kid, but I seriously doubt they will want to do that. It is also easy to fit in the current fiction.

    The harem suggestion actually fits kinda neat into the story of the bellydancer, so that might be fun to use if a fitting situation comes up. Thanks guys! 😀

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