3 thoughts on “A Horde contain 3d6 creatures per wave, but how many waves should there be?”

  1. Reveal an unwelcome truth or show signs of an approaching threat!

    That’s how I would do it. Decide in the moment whether there’s more of the horde out there.

    If you want to randomize, though, maybe 1d of whatever size is used to roll each wave? So 1d6 waves for your example.

  2. Until the win is decisive. But yeah I’d use GM moves – “you hear more Jibbering beyond the door” or “they’re coming down the stairs” or “barely through the first two, 12 more drop in from the ducts above you”

  3. @Jason, that’s perfect. (By the way, I’m basing 3d6/wave on “Quantity” in Beasts & Booty — it’s a fixed value whose die never changes.

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