14 thoughts on “If you’ve run Dungeon World as a play-by-post game, what tips, tricks, and tools do you recommend?”

  1. I ran Urban Shadows via post. My GM principles included Give Everyone Something to Do and Three Day Clock Then Move.

    The first made sure no one was sitting around waiting for the result of another player. Not 100% but it keeps the responses going.

    The second prevented delay of game. If a post wasn’t received in 72 hours, I failed the roll and moved on (no pun intended).

  2. I have very little free time right now so I’m trying PbP with my normal DW group using Google docs. Are there any good tools out there that may make my life easier (or that are just really cool)?

  3. Miles Sterrett Dischord is like a personal chat server. You can do real time voice and text with image support. You can even integrate it with roll20 for virtual tabletop support for maps, fog of war and dice rolling.

  4. Thanks James Carr! Sadly I don’t because I’ve taken a new position at work that requires a LOT more hours than before.. I’m just hoping to get some play via PbP.

  5. I was pretty impressed with Discord. Being able to make (and title) multiple channels for the same game was great for separating out of game, characters creation, in game, and other conversation topic separate.

    I personally found it hard to manage who’s “turn” it was when doing a PbP DW game. But that’s because I so used to pointing at the player and saying “What do you do?” I had to remember to type things like “What do you do, [character name]?” to avoid confusion.

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