9 thoughts on “Probable Game of Thrones spoiler for people who might care.”

  1. Not a high armor rating from a mechanical perspective, from a fictional perspective regular arrows just can’t pierce the dragon’s hide so the Volley move wouldn’t even trigger.

  2. Jaime: I charge Daenerys.

    Merciful GM: Defy Danger, there’s a dragon. With uhh, WIS?

    Jaime: rolls 6.

    Merciful GM: Bronn, you see Jaime, who has promised you a castle, and without whom you are nothing, about to get a faceload of dragon fire. What do you do?

    Bronn: I tackle him into the water.

    Merciful GM: Defy Danger with DEX.

    Bronn: 10!

    Horse: dies

  3. Falling in water with heavy armor on is not necessarily a great result either.

    But the dragon is neither dead nor dying. It just can’t fly. It’s more like a crippled limb.

  4. Martijn Vos It depends on Bronn’s intent. It he intended to just knock Jaime out of the way of the breath weapon, the result was 7-9 and knocking him into the deep water was a hard bargain/worse outcome. If he intended to knock Jaime into the water (to soften the fall off the horse or to give them cover against the fire) then it was a 10+ result.

  5. Yeah Bronn definitely rolled a 7-9 result on that.

    “You get him out of the way… Into the water. Jamie, you’re sinking and drowning and probably can’t get your armor off with one hand. What do you do?”

    Jamie: Sorry guys, it’s late I gotta go. Can we pick this up next week?

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