So I was reading over the playbooks to get ready for my next game and something struck me.

So I was reading over the playbooks to get ready for my next game and something struck me.

So I was reading over the playbooks to get ready for my next game and something struck me. The druid has a wonderful array of abilities that captures the flavor of a druid plus their abilities are very versatile. On the other hand the Fighter seems lacking. Not only in versatility but on things that define their roll in the group. I realize that fighter is basically straight forward in their role within the group but it seems a bland playbooks non the less. Am I missing something here?

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  1. in reality the fighter is a player favorite while the Druid has more “rules issues” over transformation in my experience than any other class…

  2. Mark Tygart I’ve always found the shapeshifting fun. The only problem we’ve had is the druid transformed so much he was advancing slightly quicker due to failed rolls. Of course failed rolls let me have some fun with him! We have never had a fighter in the group which is why I’m wondering if they play well. I get the simplicity thing though, good point.

  3. Fighters are defined by their weapon. Their ability to make, weild, and utilise their weapon makes them phenomenal! That and their capacity to break things in a controlled way makes them really shine when things need to get broken.

    A barbarian can destroy things, but only a fighter gets to choose to leave it repairable, or not make a lot of noise, or not damage the valuable stuff inside. Bend bars is a strictly underrated move until you’ve seen it in play (and perhaps more importantly seen it attempted and punished without Bend Bars).

    As with Bend Bars, the signature weapon can’t be taken away by the GM. That’s a really important thing. Anything that puts a limit on how hard, or in what direction, the GM can move against you is a very powerful ability.

    I understand the aversion, but it’s totally worth playing with fighter first to see how much control those two moves really offer. It’s a lot, and fighters offer a lot of expression.

  4. The fighter’s bonds can really shape the emergent story. Ask lots of questions! Who made your signature weapon? Why is it so important to you? Why do you fight? Who can you count on?

  5. Even Sage Latorra said on a few post they wish they did the fighter better. In reality on this thread people will argue anything is good, because its dungeon world. But I do agree, the fighter is lacking alot and isn’t a great playbook. However with that said, I do mainly play a fighter like most things in dungeon world the role play is key, but I admit there is much left to be desired in that class.

  6. RidersOfRohan I think some moves based off using the environment (like early Jackie Chan flicks) would add some variety, or a move or hold that builds as you take out foes. This would give the player more options and could make the fictional combat more dynamic.

  7. It’s interesting that you mentioned seeing a Druid level faster than the rest of the group. In mine, the player felt they were falling behind, as in a typical combat, the druid does the shift, and then just spends hold to do one of their ‘monster moves’, while other players are rolling for just about every move they make. Another thing I haven’t seen in this thread is noting that the Fighter can take advantage of Armor being kinda broken in DW. Once decked out in plate, with a shield, and some Advanced moves that bump it up a few more, they get into the 5+ armor territory, which can be hard to deal with.

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