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  1. Yes. The main reason is that ideas are never as fully-formed as you think they are. When you write them doing, you’re actually doing the work of fleshing them out, and also the difficult task of communicating them to someone who doesn’t instinctively know and love all the things you do.

    It’s like when you’re dreaming and you read a book; you wake up and can’t remember what it said. That’s because it didn’t say anything, it was just a dream that you were reading a book. (Similarly, there aren’t ‘atoms’ in your dream.)

    I go through a similar process when drawing. “It’s gonna be awesome!” “Arg, it’s not coming out how I imagined it.” That’s because I didn’t actually imagine it at any significant level of detail, and at least half of my daydream was how I would feel looking at it.

  2. Michael Prescott I never considered the “non-detailed” parts of imagining my completed work, like the feeling of reading it being part of imagining its completion. Very interesting insight!

  3. Something I remind myself when writing: “The first draft is to get it written, not to get it right.” My first drafts always have holes and bullet points to be fleshed out (or even discarded) later. I go though a LOT of drafts when I’m writing and revising!

  4. No idea is too dumb to go into my notes! I can find the connections and sort the ideas out later—but it’s hard to sort if you set the standard too high and have nothing to work with.

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