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  1. I used to think about all the ways I would change my favorite RPGs to make them fit my play style. Then I ran into Dungeon World. I never feel the need to change what you’ve done. Dungeon World is my role playing home. Thank you.

  2. Well, thank you guys, had many unforgettable moments with your little big game. You know, i used to toss those big rolemaster tomes aside in the early ’90, just improvised along with maybe some notes quickly jotted down (Well, those tomes only came out for critical hits, which were actually fun). I was pretty amazed when i realized that your game – decades later – not only supported this style, but had nifty rules for it. So, kudos!

  3. DW was key to me as well. I remember reading it, running one game, and then feverishly writing Servants of the Cinder Queen over the course of 3 days. Thank you Sage and Adam (and tony dowler and Vincent and Meg) for getting me even more excited about RPGs than I was At the age of 10 in 1977.

  4. Outstanding work on this game. I remember coming across a blog post (or something, maybe it was just a character sheet) about character bonds that sat at the back of my mind while we finished our time with D&D4th. When the time came to wrap that one up, I thought “what was the game with that bonds stuff in it called…” and BOOM here we are.

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